– A New Search Engine for Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion search engine

I wanted to share my new website, a search engine for sustainable UK fashion. Obviously a deliberate plug on my behalf but I also though it would be a useful resource for anyone who would like to shop more sustainably but have found it time consuming or difficult to find exactly what they want or need. brings together thousands if sustainable and stylish choices from over 100 brands together under one virtual roof. It features clothes, shoes and accessories for men, women and children in a number of sustainability categories including organic, Fair trade, recycled, vintage, vegan and for hire. The site features a wide selection of styles, all chosen for their design but also commitment to sustainability or ethics.

For those looking to shop ethically on a budget, there is also a sales page so you can check out the latest reductions and a number of offers and discounts available on some products listed on the site.

Whether you are looking for an ethical fashion dress by UK designers including Henrietta Ludgate or Ada Zanditon, organic clothing from a ‘Made in Britain’ brand like Seasalt Cornwall, high performance outdoor wear from brands like Timberland and Patagonia, stylish vegan shoes or quirky recycled accessories, we hope you will find a piece of clothing that you can love, treasure and wear for a long time.

I would love to know what you think or if you know of any other useful resources for shopping more sustainably.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x


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Happy New Year and Ethical Fashion Link Round Up

Happy New Year! 2012 has been an exciting year for ethical and sustainable fashion, with so many innovative new brands and interesting developments in the industry. Some times it can be difficult to keep up with everything that is going on both globally and locally and in 2013, I hope that we can continue to grow and develop our community to provide a useful and supportive resource for our our members and beyond, both for blogging and finding the most sustainable style choices.

I am really inspired by the many different styles and blog posts that I have seen from Ethical Fashion Bloggers so far and would like to help share this in 2013 with a monthly post round up. This month, with it being the being the beginning of the new year, we have some fantastic posts including round ups of 2012, ethical finds in the sales and, of course, plenty of new years resolutions and challenges, enjoy!

Made to Travel  rounds up in My Fave Posts of 2012

Recycled Fashion tells us about Designer Brands Starting the Recycling Revolution

The Conscience Collective share 20 New Years Dresses with Personality

Jessie Anne O will be joining Little House in Town for the 2013 Wartime Wardrobe Challenge!

Citizen Rosebud takes the Shop Second Hand First Pledge

Honey Go Lightly is taking part in the 100 Day Spending Ban

Country Girl Does Norfolk shares her lean, mean and green Resolutions for 2012.

Eco Warrior Princess makes it her new year resolution To Buy Nothing New

The Only Way is Ethical share 15 of the Best (ethical) January Sales

You can also check out My Sustainable Style Resolutions for 2012

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in Ethical Fashion Bloggers during 2012, you are amazing! Looking forward to lots more fashion blogging in 2013, lets make it a sustainable and glamorous one.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

Image – Katherine Hamnett T Shirt at Yoox

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We Need You! The Wartime Challenge 2013

the wartime challenge

We need you! The Wartime Wardrobe Challenge 2013

Fellow ethical fashionistas and bloggers, lovers of all things green, vintage and Fairtrade, I come bearing festive news of an ethical fashion challenge designed to change the way we think about our wardrobes, promote the ethical fashion cause and raise some much-needed money to support garment workers worldwide.

So, what is it?

The Wartime Wardrobe Challenge is based on the clothes
rationing system introduced in June 1941 in response to the shortage of
materials and need for factory space to produce war supplies. In short,
everyone was expected to make only essential clothes purchases, and make the
most out of their existing wardrobes using the principles of ‘Make Do and
Mend’. The coupon allowance for men and women during this time was 66 coupons,
with different garment types attracting different coupon values (e.g. a dress
was 7 coupons and a coat was 14).

In 2013, Meg (the Double Life of Mrs M) and I (Nik of Little House in Town) will be challenging ourselves to live within these ration restrictions, but (of course) with an ethical twist!

Any items purchased that are deemed ‘unethical’ will be penalised
- attracting a higher coupon charge than their counterparts. We will also be
encouraging re-use and repair by making all second-hand and vintage purchases coupon-free, as well as allowing free use of sewing materials and existing fabric stocks.

In addition, any overspend on our coupon allowance will result in a hefty fine – the proceeds from which will go to garment worker charities.

(You can see the full list of coupon values and rules here.)

 What can I do?

Throughout 2013, in addition to blogging our progress in the challenge, Meg and I will also be sharing practical, useful advice and tutorials to highlight the issues in the fashion industry, get to grips with the background of ethical fabrics, learn new skills in making and repairing our clothes, and experiment with clothes washing techniques and item care.

Of course we would love for you all to sign up and take part in the challenge with us, blog your own progress and display our lovely badge for the world to see. But even if you choose not to join in with us, there are other ways that you can help us raise awareness of the challenge and (therefore) the benefits of curating an ethical wardrobe.

  1. Share your shopping/mending/making skills with us!
    Take over our blogs for the day and showcase your talents, or teach us how to
    do something new.
  2. Follow us on Facebook (Nik, Meg) and Twitter (Nik, Meg) and share our progress with your
    followers (#WWC).
  3. Let us know about any ethical fashion posts
    you’ve done on your own blog that could be of use to us in the challenge, so we
    can share them with other participants.

Or anything else you can think of! The key aim of this challenge is to bring awareness – of the fashion industry, of the alternatives available, of the simple ways each person can make a difference. We, as ethical fashion bloggers, are the natural ambassadors for all of these things and if with our knowledge and influence we can convince one single person to change their habits for good then I think it will have been a good use of my 2013.

A very Merry Xmas to everyone, and here’s to an ethical 2013 (said in Queen’s Speech-esque voice)!

For further information on the challenge, email or visit /  


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Have an Ethical Cyber Monday

Hello Ethical Fashion Bloggers! There are sooooo many fantastic ways to have an Ethical Cyber Monday! This year lots and lots of wonderful ethical shops are participating in deep discounts that are too good to miss! Here are my faves!

(image source)

*P.S.-I bought these fab riding boots from the Compassion Couture Sample Sale :) .

THREAD 4 THOUGHT 40% OFF Everything for 4 Days. Black Friday Revolution Ends Monday, Nov. 26th at 11:59pst. Promo Code: GIVEGOOD

*PPS!-I shopped Fashioning Change’s sales too :D .


25% off all Clothing and Shoes-At Checkout, use code: gobblegobble

***PPS!!- I’ll be looking out for sales for you all day! And tweeting additions on twitter HERE. And I would love to know any deals that come your way.

Enjoy Cyber Monday!

Jamillah writes at made-to-travel about ethical shopping and happy things. You can find her on twitter @made2travel.

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November’s Ethical Fashion Link Round Up

(image from the library of congress)

One of the reasons I joined the Ethical Fashion Bloggers is to discover like minded people and really help grow a community of bloggers with wonderful intentions. So I was thrilled Ceri asked me to do November’s roundup! It was a great way to see the awesome things you all are doing and discover some new go-to sites :) .

The Only Way is Ethical- Lots of lovely shoes in this ethical shoe roundup.

Little House in Town- Lists great ethical finds in her Winter Wardrobe Wishlist.

Eco Warrior Princess- Introduces SPAIR, eco-friendly footwear to go!

Misfits Vintage- Dance party in a 60′s frock! This post is so super fun!

Jesse.Anne.O-Jesse shares struggles on why she buys and what the right clothes mean to us.

Daisy Dayz- Highlights from the Vivienne Westwood Cardiff Store launch party.

Recycled Fashion-Erica introduces the Thrift Store Runway!!!

Citizen Rosebud- Takes the Secondhand Pledge and offers you to do the same.

Jean of All Trades-Mega thrift find PLUS a hardy belly laugh :D .


Jamillah writes at made-to-travel about ethical shopping and happy things. You can find her on twitter @made2travel.


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Inspirational Fashion Bloggers – Esther Freeman of Ms Wanda’s Wardrobe

Over the next few months we will be running a series of interviews on Ethical Fashion Bloggers about inspirational bloggers. We hope to share how fashion bloggers are having a positive influence on the world around them and helping to promote ethical fashion and sustainable style.

In our first interview I interview Esther Freeman of Ms Wanda’s Wardrobe, a fashion blog dedicated to ‘Looking good on the outside, feeling good on the inside’. Ms Wanda’s Wardrobe has just been announced as a finalist in the Source Awards (the Ethical Fashion Forum’s Global Awards for Sustainable Fashion)

Why did you start Ms Wandas wardrobe and what inspired you to start blogging?

I went to a swish and it really opened my eyes to the impact my wardrobe had on the world. I’d never thought about it before, which was kind of strange as I’m generally pretty socially and politically conscious. I realised how blind sided I’d been by the fashion industry.

Following this I decided to give myself a challenge of going for a year only wearing upcycled, pre-loved or vintage clothing. I blogged about the experience, taking photos of my outfits each day. This is how Ms Wanda’s Wardrobe was born.

It was good fun, but to be honest I realised afterwards that I wasn’t much of an outfit blogger. I was more interested in blogging about news, issues and campaigns around ethical fashion. And I felt there wasn’t a huge number of people doing that so there was a niche for me to neatly fit in. And that’s pretty much where I am today.

Do you have any previous experience in ethical fashion and or blogging and how does your day job fit with your blogging?

I had no experience in the fashion industry before I started, apart from being a consumer. And that’s pretty much how I want to keep it. I see my blog as the voice of the consumer and I try to keep it fresh and honest.

When I’m not doing Ms Wanda’s I work as a freelance digital content creator and campaigner (which translates as blogging, making internet films and doing social media for NGOs like ActionAid and Greenpeace). So it all kind of fits in quite nicely. However I didn’t start blogging because of my job – my blogging helped me find the work I do now. So even if you’re not making money directly from your blog, don’t under-estimate it as an pathway in to other work.

How would you describe your style?

I’ve never really thought that much about my style – I always thought it changed depending on what mood I’m in. But my friend said the other day that she thought I had a very distinct style – she recognised me being influenced a lot by bold colours and patterns, which were feminine but never really girly. I realised later she was right.

What is your favourite ethical fashion brand and why?

I wouldn’t want to single out a favourite as there are lots doing great stuff. However I have to confess to always checking out the People Tree catalogue when it comes in, and having a huge amount of Tara Starlet in my wardrobe. But more generally I work out a look I like and then try and source it through ethical labels, vintage or second hand stores.

What is the Fashion Mob and what made you want to start it?

When I started researching the ethical fashion sector I often heard major brands say they’d change if “consumers wanted it”. They claimed they didn’t, but I knew this wasn’t entirely true. Many consumers don’t know what is going on in the name of fashion as there’s not enough transparency in the system. Others know, and are angry, but just don’t have a loud enough voice.

So I started pulling together a group of ethical fashionistas who were prepared to shout about what we want. Our founding principal is that the more of us there are the louder we can be – it’s a people power movement.

We’re still quite new, but so far this year we’ve had the chance to support some great NGOs, including Anti-Slavery International’s Cotton Crimes campaign; and Adidas campaign from the Clean Clothes Campaign. However we’ve got our first independent campaign coming up this Christmas. I’m not saying much right now, but it’s going to be a lot of fun!!

How important do you see blogging as a way of spreading the word about ethical fashion and bringing about change?

I love the blogosphere as I see it as a space to hear about issues that the mainstream media won’t talk about. And it’s growing bigger and more influential by the day. So in that respect it’s very important. But (and it’s quite a big but) it isn’t going to change the world. That’s why I started the Fashion Mob, to be able to take that discussion and action further, right out on to the street if needs be.

How do you see the future of sustainable fashion?

I think we’ve come a long way in a relatively short space of time. However it isn’t enough. We need to push brands to move away from tokenistic things, like recycled paper bags, and on to the bigger stuff, like children working as slaves. This stuff is tough to fix, but that’s not to say we can’t. We just have to keep on pushing and letting companies, as well as providing solutions for how things can be better.

What tips would you give to any fashion bloggers who would like to start promoting ethical and sustainable fashion?

The most important thing is to be yourself. That was the mistake I made at the beginning. I just started outfit blogging because that was what people seemed to do, but it wasn’t really me. That’s not to say it’s not right for other people. It’s just you need to find your niche and your voice. Most importantly be true to yourself.

Ms Wanda’s Christmas Fashion Mob campaign is going to be launched in the next few weeks. It’s going to be fun, exciting and they need as many people involved as possible. To get involved sign up to the Fashion Mob at

A big thank you to Esther for being the first of our Inspiration Fashion Bloggers. If you would like to suggest a Fashion Blogger that has inspired you for our series, please get in touch.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x


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UK Ethical Fashion Events


London and the UK are buzzing about ethical and sustainable fashion lately. There are plenty of events going on over the next month if you would like to get involved, so I thought I would share some of them with you. If any Ethical Fashion Bloggers are going along and would like to cover an event for this blog, please let me know.

8-26th October – Pure Thread - Shopping Event
British shoppers with a conscience and an eye for fashion get the opportunity to touch, feel and buy into the world’s hottest sustainable style brands. Jocelyn Whipple, leading light of Livia Firth’s Green Carpet Challenge™ joins with Jill Heller, owner of New York’s legendary Pure Thread to host this exclusive event. Finally British shoppers get a chance to try exquisite ethical brands from Kami Organic to Stewart & Brown, Henrietta Ludgate to Beautiful Soul, brought together for the first time in the UK. These are the brands proving to the world that ethics and chic go together. These brands are helping to redefine ethical fashion across the world.

This retail event runs from 8-26 October, daily from 10am – 6pm at 67 Old Street, London EC1V 9HW, Sunday by appointment.

26th October ‘Spark’A creative fundraising event by Mayamiko Trust in collaboration with Slaves of the Extraordinary

A creatively charged night of up-and-coming ethical designers, musicians, performers and artists, all coming together to raise money and promote the works of Mayamiko Trust, as well as showcase their amazing artistic talents. The fashion showcase will include, Mayamiko Designed, African Fashion Week rising star MIA by Mia Nisbet , Fair & True, AFOL Milan Fashion School with shoes by Beyond Skin. Musicians include State of Bengal, Bam Bam Drum Band, Randolph Matthews and Michelle Cade, with performances from Slum Civilians with music by Stephen Thomas Clarke and illustrations by Lisa Hawthorn

Spark will be held at Corbet Place Elys Yard 15 Hanbury Street E1 6QR (Off Brick Lane) on Friday 26th October. Tickets for the event are £15 per person including a drink on arrival. Tickets available from

8th November – Oxford Fashion Week – Ethical Fashion Fair

A variety of pop up stalls, catwalk shows, workshops and speaker events.

The Town Hall, Oxford, 12-5pm, admission free

For further info go to

12th November – Fashioned for Freedom

Fashioned For Freedom hosted by online marketplace House of Beth and  is the ethical fashion event of the year on the 12th November at the striking St Mary’s Church using high fashion to raise funds for those directly involved in the prevention, rescue and reintegration of victims of human trafficking. The event will premiere the innovative fashion film ‘Flight’ directed by the well-known Tamzin Haughton as well as acts
and brief talks from the sustainable fashion expert Amisha Ghadiali and Vice
Chair of the Human Trafficking Foundation Baroness- Butler Sloss. There will also an auction of the ethical designer dresses from the film and an open wine bar and music.

St Mary’s Church, Wyndham Place, York Street, London W1H 1PQ,  7-10pm

Purchase tickets here:

EJF Popup Shop – Until 20th November

‘Just by EJF’at 46, Carnaby Street is the new home for EJF’s exclusive Vivienne Westwood War/Peace t-shirt which has been designed to raise awareness of EJF’s No Place Like Home campaign for climate refugees.

Shop with a guilt-free conscience and green your wardrobe this autumn with designer, organic, fairly traded, climate-neutral cotton t-shirts. All profits from the t-shirts go to UK charity Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF).

Shop with a guilt-free conscience and green your wardrobe this autumn with designer, organic, fairly traded, climate-neutral cotton t-shirts. All profits from the t-shirts go to UK charity Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF). ‘Just by EJF’ will also be selling ‘new’ exclusive designer organic t-shirts by From Somewhere, Martina Spetlova
and Eley Kishimoto as well as styles from previous collections including Katharine Hamnett, John Rocha, Allegra  Hicks, Alice Temperley and Christian Lacroix. The t-shirts have been worn by a host of EJF celebrity supporters  including Lily Cole, Naomi Campbell, Emilia Fox, Gemma Kidd, James Blunt, Gillian Anderson and many more.

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My Top 10 Ethical Fashion Sites

Hi Ethical Fashion Bloggers!!! We are so lucky to live in 2012(!) where there is just a plethora of resources out in the world accessible literally by our fingertips. For us ethical fashion bloggers, it’s valuable to read sites that have content we can relate to and be inspired by, and there is no shortage of great ethical fashion sites out there.

This is the very short list of my go to sites for all things ethical! I hope you find tons of new ideas and inspiration from them.

Crafting a Greener World is a wonderful site dedicated to DIYs and crafts that focus on crafting via upcylcing and reusing. Most of their DIYs involve recycling items and using things you already have in your home, PLUS they strive to use green supplies to actually make the craft. You MUST check out the “How to Reuse…” section, it lists ways to reuse common items from old sweaters to computer keyboards! And they take requests! Brilliant!

Daisy Green Magazine is a UK based site that while their focus is highlighting ethical fashion they touch on lots of lifestyle topics like recipes and beauty. Their weekly newsletter is probably one of my favorites to peruse because their content feels very grounded and accessible.

Ecouterre is an amazing place for ethical fashion and ethical fashion design. Their selections are always really current and modern and they do fantastic coverage of NYFW Green/Ethical Shows. The range of ethical fashion is all represented at Ecouterre which makes for compelling content, from DIYs to ready to wear to avant-gard–it’s all really inspiring.

OK! This one is a bit of a cheat!!! Not a total ethical fashion site, but Ecorazzi is one of my favorite reads, it’s like TMZ for conscious consumers. Their tagline “Good Gossip,” is completely true-they keep you posted on the ethical choices being made on the red carpet as well as share all the news on goodness the celebrities you love and love to hate are doing. I mean hellloooo The Situation helping out PETA?!?!

HippyShopper is another UK based online magazine. This site definitely gives a huge range of advice on ethical living and ethical shopping. I think they do a great job delivering ethical fashion news and their ethical roundups always seem very on the pulse of what’s going on.

Beauty Palette is a newer site, but I am obsessed with it! While focused on natural and ethical beauty this site is dedicated to what you also put in your body. The reviews on “Tester Thursdays” are something to look forward to!

If you’re into thrifting Sammy Davis Vintage is an incredible place for inspiration. She’s a NY based blogger who dedicates her site to thrifting. Her style is suuuper unique but she shares way more than that…everything from making fashion from the 30′s current or bringing back the 90′s in a modern way via thrifting, she really does tackle it all!

Magnifeco really brings an editing eye with sophisticated taste to all their ethical fashion highlights. They also cover ethical events and brands from NY to London so I think it’s really relevant to a lot of locales.

Ecofabulous is another site that has a lot of topics, they really encompass what their tagline says, “stylish, sustainable, living.” Their ethical fashion section is filled with news on new collaborations and products for the conscious consumer and their roundups are very timely and relevant.

I would be remiss not to mention the awesome site that was Ecosalon. Besides covering great ethical fashion and ethical fashion events ecosalon covered many many topics. I loved their quotes roundups i.e. 30 Quotes on Overcoming Challenges or 20 Quotes on Style. Sadly, this incredibly prolific site has shut it’s doors down and they are no longer posting. BUT! Ecosalon’s site still lives and you can definitely troll their archives for inspiration.

So there you have it, my top 10 ethical fashion sites! Tell me all about your favorites!

Jamillah writes at made-to-travel about ethical shopping and happy things. You can find her on twitter @made2travel.

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September at Ethical Fashion Bloggers

Summer is almost but no need to feel sad, we have plenty going on here at Ethical Fashion Bloggers to help you forget about all of your weather woes and move into autumn with style!

Here are just a few dates for your diary:-

12th September – Outfit Challenge – Layering – show us a layered outfit to keep warm or cool for the season ahead (featuring ethical, eco, vintage, recycled or upcycled items)
19th September – DIY Round Up – Lace – Upcycle or make something from lace or use lace to upcycled an item that you no longer wear.
26th September – The first Ethical Fashion Blogger Polyvore Contest – Make an outfit for AW12 on Polyvore.

If you are a fashion blogger and would like to keep in touch with everything going on at Ethical Fashion Bloggers, you can follow us on Facebook here or contact us to join here. Members will recieve our newsletter.

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Fashionistas embark on 6 items challenge to stem sweatshop consumption

Sweatshop-aware fashion addicts and activists around the world will be taking up the challenge of limiting their wardrobes to only six items of clothing for a whole month from 1st July.

The ‘Six Items Challenge’ commences this summer in the wake of a successful launch initiative in spring – raising £4000 with bloggers from as far afield as Korea, Switzerland, Saudi and the UK putting their slant on the experience and publicising the poverty pay faced by many factory workers who will shortly be producing high street designs for our consumption.

This personal quest is posed by UK NGO Labour Behind the Label which works to support garment workers producing for UK fashion brands around the world in improving their rights.

Labour Behind the Label Campaigner Bee Hayes said: “The challenge highlights our dependency on fast fashion consumption. Participants are encouraged to re-engage with creating clothing identities with less. By doing so we’re standing in solidarity with workers who suffer the effects of mass production and consumption of clothing at a factory level.”

Spring participant Lu Butcher said after her challenge was over: “So,
it’s the end, but really for me it’s the beginning of a new way of life. I have
been able to look at myself and have realised I need to change. Change how I
choose to spend my money. Change where I choose to shop. Change how I think
about fashion. I have realised that my choices have an effect on other people’s
lives, in a big way.”

In addition to the six main items allowed, challengees can have unlimited underwear and accessories plus necessary sports and performance gear as part of their capsule wardrobes.

Participants will be blogging their experiences and insights as they go through the challenge while raising money for Labour Behind the Label’s vital work.

Labour Behind the Label is a campaign that supports garment workers’ efforts worldwide to improve their working conditions, through awareness raising, information provision and encouraging international solidarity between workers and consumers.

For further details visit:

Any Ethical Fashion Bloggers that decide to participate in this challenge, please get in touch so that we can cover your progress on the blog.

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