10 Good Reasons to Green Your Fashion Blog

As a fashion blogger, greening your blog may seem like a daunting task. But any small change that you can make like buying a little less, shopping in charity shops or occasionally blogging about an ethical brand will have a positive impact on the world around you. If you are not quite sure why you should bother then here are a some good reasons.


There are many ways that you can help others whilst you blog. It is great to feel that your blog has a sense of purpose and I actually find myself much more motivated to blog when I feel like I am doing some good. Promoting brands that provide a decent living wage for those making their clothes and do not use cotton picked children in countries like Uzbekistan and Burkina Faso is a good start. If you are not sure which companies to avoid check out the buyer’s guide to high street shops on Ethical Consumer.


The world cannot sustain our constant appetite for new stuff all of the time and this includes fashion and clothes. Each piece of clothing that we wear only once or twice before throwing away uses nonrenewable resources, contributes to global warming and adds to the landfill problem. The cotton used to make most cotton clothing has also been grown with a large amount of pesticides which are bad for the environment and pose a health risk to those living in the  area. As a fashion blogger you can easily promote sustainability by not encouraging people to buy clothes that they do not need. Vintage, thrifted, charity shopped and DIY outfits are all great ways of been stylish, sustainable and unique.

Be Independent

Ok, so not everyone buys into the whole people and planet thing, but one way that bloggers can be and are more sustainable is by developing their own sense of style. Slavish devotion to fashions and trends can lead to us constantly renewing our wardrobes with new fast fashion items. As a blogger working your own individual style is what will set you apart from the crowd (plus it is so much more sustainable). Why not invest in a beautiful clothing that you love, looks great on you and you will wear for seasons to come instead of a piece of clothing that you have to have just because everyone else is wearing it.

Your bank balance

Having new clothes might be great but if you never get the chance to go out because you have spent all your money on clothes, it kind of seems a bit pointless. Making the switch to more sustainable clothing that lasts more than one season or shopping in charity shops means that you will always have something amazing to wear but also some money left for the fun stuff in life like going out.

Finding a niche

As fashion bloggers we are all look for a slightly different angle or something interesting to write about. Most ethical and sustainable fashion brands have  an interesting story to tell, if you choose to feature them on your blog you won’t have any trouble finding something to write about. Ethical and / or sustainability is an interesting angle of fashion to write about. When you find yourself a new niche and set yourself apart from the crowd, you may also find a whole new set of brands that will want to work with you.

Become part of a movement

The ethical fashion movement is steadily growing and gathering pace. If you want to become part of a movement that includes some truly inspiring, passionate and friendly people then ethical fashion is for you. There are plenty of online communities where you can network and interact with like minded people with a shared purpose and enthusiasm for fashion that looks great but doesn’t cost the earth.

Discovering new brands

There are lots of new ethical and sustainable brands emerging all the time and rather than being restricted by this, they seem to strive to find new ways to be creative. These brands are fun, fresh, contemporary and innovative, if you weren’t on the look out for ethical brands, you may not even get to know about them.

Get ahead of the game (it’s the future!)

Many of the big brands are now making moves towards becoming more sustainable and ethical. If this is the way that the industry is going, it makes sense to be ahead of the game and be one of the early adopters.

Authenticity and credibility

Aligning your own values with those of your blog is the only way to be authentic and credible. If you are encoruaging people to keep buying new clothes that they don’t really need and yet you don’t really believe this is the right thing to do, your writing will seem shallow and empty. Think carefully about why you are blogging and what you hope to achieve with it and make sure it matches your own personal values.


Limitless access to new clothing week on week actually (believe it or not) gets boring in the end. I think it tends to stifle your creativity where as having less choice can really stimulate creativity and make you think so much more about what you are wearing. The fantastic upcycled pieces of clothing and DIY tutorials that you can find on so many fashion blogs is proof of this. Creating a new outfit without buying fast fashion can be a bit of a challenge but you may even find it fun!

So that is it! These are the reasons that I decided to green my blog. I would be really interested to hear if anyone else has any good reasons.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

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Ethical Fashion Bloggers Printastic Outfit Challenge For May

Bold, bright and beautiful prints are one of the biggest trends for spring and summer. At Ethical Fashion Bloggers this month, we show you how you can work this trend in an ethical and sustainable way including beautiful vintage pieces and bold handcrafted fairtrade fashion. If you need a little cheering up, these outfits will definitely do just that!

Neon tribal ethical outfit

Citizen Rosebud

ethical print outfit

Oranges and Apples

Rags Against the Machine

print mixing - Ethical Fashion Bloggers

Project Minima

Ethical outfit challenge

Mary Van Notes

 Monsoon Dress

Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog

Next week will be our DIY/ Upcycling challenge at Ethical Fashion Bloggers. If you would like to join us and join in our challenges, you can do so here.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

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An Interview With Lady Cherry of Vintage Goddess In Training

For today’s Interview on Ethical Fashion Bloggers, I was lucky enough to be able to find out a little bit more about Lady Cherry and her love of vintage clothes and styles. Lady Cherry’s blog Vintage Goddess in Training is full of fabulous tips, ideas and inspiration including baking, sewing, hairstyles, beauty and shopping.

How would you describe your blog and why did you start writing it?
Vintage Goddess in Training is a personal journal about building my vintage lifestyle. Except it’s not private; I choose to share it with everyone, in the hope that they might get some inspiration, or find some information that makes their lives easier. I started blogging just about my baking adventures when I was on sick leave with a chest infection and infernally bored of daytime tv. I realised that there were all these vintage gals in the blogosphere that looked how I have wanted to look since I was 18. And away I went! No one is born knowing how to ‘be vintage’ – knowing what to wear, or how to do their hair. So I hope my blog will help to de-mystify some of that for people just dipping their toe in, and provide some reading for full time vintage gals.

What is it about vintage styles that you love?
Glamour. Elegance. Making it look effortless. Feminity. Clothes that were made to fit a woman’s body. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a shapeless t-shirt… it’s called ‘the gym’. Alot of what is on offer on the high street today doesn’t much pay attention to the fact that a woman has curves. Oh I forgot, according to a bunch of fashion designers I have never met, we aren’t supposed to have curves….

Which is your favourite decade for fashion?
Forties. Forties, forties, forties. I love the cut of the fabrics, and after the war years, the pleating in evening dresses, the sumptuous fabrics. It it simple, timeless elegance. It is also the time that women really came into their own. Rosie Rivetts could look glamourous and hold down a job and a family. Women really got to show the men what they were made of.

Why do you think vintage clothing and way of life are so popular at the moment?
I think people are hankering back to a time when they thought life was maybe simpler. It probably was, in some ways – because you were lucky if you had a tv, and kids would spend long balmy summer days playing outside. People are quick to forget that life was far from simple though – can you imagine trying to clean a carpet without a hoover? No thanks!

Where are your favourite places to shop for clothes?
Charity shops, and e bay. I do frequent a few vintage stores, but because of the popularity of it, the clothes tend to be a little pricey for what they are. It is possible to find vintage in charity shops, but it’s rare. There are plenty of vintage style clothing items to be had though…and let’s not forget mismatched china and cocktail glasses, the staple of every vintage gal’s home!

What is your favourite vintage bargain?
My absolute favourite item has to be a 1970s cream summer wrap dress. It could pass for something much older, aside from the fact that the material is that seventies go to, polyester! I fought for it on e bay and won it for about sixteen pounds. I just love it, I always get complimented when I wear it. I also have a pair of fifties navy cotton gloves I bought for a pound – that was a good day!

What are your tips for wearing vintage clothing?
Be confident, and go for it. Accessories and hair can make a look. If I put a cream blouse with a navy calf length skirt on with flat pumps and straight hair, I look like a frump. Add black suede two inch heels, curls or a faux bob and some red lipstick, and you have a complete look. You can certainly mix and match vintage and new items, but jsut bear in mind the perception you want to give off when you are putting outfits together.

You are obviously a big fan of red lipstick, which is your absolute favourite shade and brand?
Just one?? Really??? I love Besame’s ‘Besame Red’, although it looks as though I might have lost the darned thing….but I do have about seventeen others to choose from ;-)

Outfit photos - top – eighties dress via ebay, second – M&S dress via charity shop

Thank you to Lady Cherry for taking part in this interview. If you would like to be interviewed for Ethical Fashion Bloggers, please get in touch.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

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