– A New Search Engine for Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion search engine

I wanted to share my new website, a search engine for sustainable UK fashion. Obviously a deliberate plug on my behalf but I also though it would be a useful resource for anyone who would like to shop more sustainably but have found it time consuming or difficult to find exactly what they want or need. brings together thousands if sustainable and stylish choices from over 100 brands together under one virtual roof. It features clothes, shoes and accessories for men, women and children in a number of sustainability categories including organic, Fair trade, recycled, vintage, vegan and for hire. The site features a wide selection of styles, all chosen for their design but also commitment to sustainability or ethics.

For those looking to shop ethically on a budget, there is also a sales page so you can check out the latest reductions and a number of offers and discounts available on some products listed on the site.

Whether you are looking for an ethical fashion dress by UK designers including Henrietta Ludgate or Ada Zanditon, organic clothing from a ‘Made in Britain’ brand like Seasalt Cornwall, high performance outdoor wear from brands like Timberland and Patagonia, stylish vegan shoes or quirky recycled accessories, we hope you will find a piece of clothing that you can love, treasure and wear for a long time.

I would love to know what you think or if you know of any other useful resources for shopping more sustainably.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x


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Happy New Year and Ethical Fashion Link Round Up

Happy New Year! 2012 has been an exciting year for ethical and sustainable fashion, with so many innovative new brands and interesting developments in the industry. Some times it can be difficult to keep up with everything that is going on both globally and locally and in 2013, I hope that we can continue to grow and develop our community to provide a useful and supportive resource for our our members and beyond, both for blogging and finding the most sustainable style choices.

I am really inspired by the many different styles and blog posts that I have seen from Ethical Fashion Bloggers so far and would like to help share this in 2013 with a monthly post round up. This month, with it being the being the beginning of the new year, we have some fantastic posts including round ups of 2012, ethical finds in the sales and, of course, plenty of new years resolutions and challenges, enjoy!

Made to Travel  rounds up in My Fave Posts of 2012

Recycled Fashion tells us about Designer Brands Starting the Recycling Revolution

The Conscience Collective share 20 New Years Dresses with Personality

Jessie Anne O will be joining Little House in Town for the 2013 Wartime Wardrobe Challenge!

Citizen Rosebud takes the Shop Second Hand First Pledge

Honey Go Lightly is taking part in the 100 Day Spending Ban

Country Girl Does Norfolk shares her lean, mean and green Resolutions for 2012.

Eco Warrior Princess makes it her new year resolution To Buy Nothing New

The Only Way is Ethical share 15 of the Best (ethical) January Sales

You can also check out My Sustainable Style Resolutions for 2012

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in Ethical Fashion Bloggers during 2012, you are amazing! Looking forward to lots more fashion blogging in 2013, lets make it a sustainable and glamorous one.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

Image – Katherine Hamnett T Shirt at Yoox

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We Need You! The Wartime Challenge 2013

the wartime challenge

We need you! The Wartime Wardrobe Challenge 2013

Fellow ethical fashionistas and bloggers, lovers of all things green, vintage and Fairtrade, I come bearing festive news of an ethical fashion challenge designed to change the way we think about our wardrobes, promote the ethical fashion cause and raise some much-needed money to support garment workers worldwide.

So, what is it?

The Wartime Wardrobe Challenge is based on the clothes
rationing system introduced in June 1941 in response to the shortage of
materials and need for factory space to produce war supplies. In short,
everyone was expected to make only essential clothes purchases, and make the
most out of their existing wardrobes using the principles of ‘Make Do and
Mend’. The coupon allowance for men and women during this time was 66 coupons,
with different garment types attracting different coupon values (e.g. a dress
was 7 coupons and a coat was 14).

In 2013, Meg (the Double Life of Mrs M) and I (Nik of Little House in Town) will be challenging ourselves to live within these ration restrictions, but (of course) with an ethical twist!

Any items purchased that are deemed ‘unethical’ will be penalised
- attracting a higher coupon charge than their counterparts. We will also be
encouraging re-use and repair by making all second-hand and vintage purchases coupon-free, as well as allowing free use of sewing materials and existing fabric stocks.

In addition, any overspend on our coupon allowance will result in a hefty fine – the proceeds from which will go to garment worker charities.

(You can see the full list of coupon values and rules here.)

 What can I do?

Throughout 2013, in addition to blogging our progress in the challenge, Meg and I will also be sharing practical, useful advice and tutorials to highlight the issues in the fashion industry, get to grips with the background of ethical fabrics, learn new skills in making and repairing our clothes, and experiment with clothes washing techniques and item care.

Of course we would love for you all to sign up and take part in the challenge with us, blog your own progress and display our lovely badge for the world to see. But even if you choose not to join in with us, there are other ways that you can help us raise awareness of the challenge and (therefore) the benefits of curating an ethical wardrobe.

  1. Share your shopping/mending/making skills with us!
    Take over our blogs for the day and showcase your talents, or teach us how to
    do something new.
  2. Follow us on Facebook (Nik, Meg) and Twitter (Nik, Meg) and share our progress with your
    followers (#WWC).
  3. Let us know about any ethical fashion posts
    you’ve done on your own blog that could be of use to us in the challenge, so we
    can share them with other participants.

Or anything else you can think of! The key aim of this challenge is to bring awareness – of the fashion industry, of the alternatives available, of the simple ways each person can make a difference. We, as ethical fashion bloggers, are the natural ambassadors for all of these things and if with our knowledge and influence we can convince one single person to change their habits for good then I think it will have been a good use of my 2013.

A very Merry Xmas to everyone, and here’s to an ethical 2013 (said in Queen’s Speech-esque voice)!

For further information on the challenge, email or visit /  


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October Ethical Fashion Link Round Up

October is the first ever link round up on Ethical Fashion Bloggers. In this monthly feature we will be sharing some of the most informative, interesting and inspiring posts related to ethical and sustainable  fashion from the members of Ethical Fashion Bloggers. Enjoy!

Made to Travel - Jamillah has some great tips in her Ethical Shopping 101

Project Minima – Pao shares what goes on at a Sewing Rebellion in Chicago!

The Conscience Collective – Stacy shares her 20 ways to keep warm

Oranges and Apples – Franca ponders whether less is more when it comes to clothes.

Learning the Business of Fashion – Marie shares the interesting background, ethics and fashion at Nomads clothing as part of the Ethical Fashion Blogathon.

Emma Waight - Emma reports on the Ecover Shoreditch Swish.

Green Issues Singapore – Agy asks ‘is there a Gangham Style for the environment?’

Vintage Vixen – Vix shares more of her fabulous upcycling projects.

Image from Conscience Collective


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August Outfit Challenge – Olympic Style

A little bit of a change to our monthly outift challenges here at Ethical Fashion Bloggers this month. Firstly we will be making life easier by allowing you to add your own links using the tool below and secondly the challenge is now open to anyone with a blog. We would love to feature even more fantastic outfits and inspire others to give ethical fashion a try.

All you have to do is post your a picture of you wearing your outfit for the given theme to your blog with a link to You outfit should contain at least one piece of ethical, eco, vintage, second hand or upcycled clothing. Even better if you include more!

For August, we couldn’t resist an Olympic theme. You can interpret this however you like from a Grecian style draped dress to an outfit on the colours of your countries team or something sportswear inspired (now is the time to dust off that lycra girls or boys!) If you want a little inspiration check out the fantastic upcycled pieces created for the Olympics by Queenie and Ted including the synchronised swimmer dress pictured above.

You can add your links anytime until the closing of the Olympics on 12th August.

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How to be an Eco Warrior (ess) – An Event by BITCH Online

I was recently invited along to an event by BITCH Online, How to be an Eco Warrioress. The event was a eco business event aimed and social entrepeneurs and promised a number of speakers from ethical fashion, beauty and social entrepreneurship industries discussing the eco choices they make and giving their stories and expertise on how to successfully set up and run an eco business. I had never heard of BITCH Online before and was slightly concerned that the whole event would be a little unfriendly but was pleased to hear that bitch actually stands for ‘Bold, Intelligent and Totally In Control of herself’!

The event was very friendly and the hosts incredibly welcoming. We were greeted with a glass of wine which got the evening off to a good start and had the chance to chat with the other attendees before taking our seats to listen to the speakers, all hugely informative, inspirational and entertaining to listen to.

The speakers were:

Servane Mouazan, Managing Director founded Ogunte, A Social Innovations Development company in London and Rio to help female social innovators be more influential and better connected.

Seraphina Davis, Partner and head designer at Nancy Dee – affordable, designer fashion label since 2008 with emphasis on day-to-night jersey dresses in unique prints that translate easily from home to office to evening out.

Elena Corchero- Technology Artisan, Founder of Lost Values which holds the vision of innovating craft by melting it with technology and vice versa, to inspire a future where design is environmental and emotional yet smart and playful

Lucy Tammam – a Creative Director of The House of Tammam that is world renowned for its hand crafted couture evening and bridal designs, an expert in eco-couture wedding gowns based in Bloomsbury.

Inspiration and Challenges

I was particularly interested to hear Seraphina, as I really love Nancy Dee. She talked about the challenges that she had faced in finding suppliers and manufacturers and how there was no easy way and how she had used a combination of trial and error and networking. I loved her answer to why she choose to go down the ethical fashion route ”the question to those doing it ethically is why aren’t you doing it ethically”.

Lucy Tammam described how when she started out, starting her own label was the only option as back then the only options of places to work were unethical or un attractive. She also experienced issues with finding suppliers in India and communicating with them and how they didn’t seem to understand that “London Fashion Week would not wait for them”. She stressed how important it was to be “strong willed and motivated or you would just give up”.

Elena Corchero was frustrated with fashion in general and found following trends quite meaningless.  She believes that “anything is possible and wanted to focus on the things that really mattered” As a designer she believes she has a huge responsibilty as someone will consume what you are designing and you can change the way that people interact and behave.

The Contradiction of Marketing and Sustainability

This is an interesting point that I thought was particularly relevant to fashion bloggers. How can you promote sustainability whilst encouraging people to buy new clothes? Lucy commented that you can do this by encouraging people to  buy better things that they actually value. Seraphina agreed saying that you can “create pieces that you invest in, made from quality fabrics and that last a long  time” she stated that she would “like to think that a women would buy a dress and still be wearing it in 10 years time”. Servane also highlighted how the life of a product can be extended by sharing, lending and buying second hand.

Marketing the Ethical Aspect

Seraphina explained how many customers of Nancy Dee don’t even realise that they are buying an ethical brand. She said ” we are pushing it little by little but we don’t want to preach because it is boring”

All in all it was a fantastic evening and the speakers made some really interesting points which are relevant to not only those setting up a fashion brand but those treating their fashion blog as a business with the aim of promoting ethical fashion. Unfortunately I had to dash off to catch my train home but would have loved to have stayed a bit longer and chatted to the many interesting people who attended.

Bitch Online will be running more interesting and informative events in the future. You can stay informed by signing up to their newsletter on the website or by following on Facebook or Twitter.

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

All Images courtesy of Bitch Online

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Made Locally Pinterest Challenge

As ethical shoppers, there are all different factors that we can take into account when deciding what to buy. Buying clothes that are ‘Made Locally’ can be a good way of supporting the local economy as well as cutting down on carbon footprint due to transportation costs. Locally made clothes are usually also governed by local labour laws which for many countries gives an added confidence that they have been manufactured ethically.

This month at Ethical Fashion Bloggers, we are focusing on clothing that is ‘Made Locally’ which means something very different for our members who live all over the world. With our recent Pinterest contest we hoped to share ideas and inspiration and to discover beautiful Ethical clothing that is also made locally.

Check out Libby of Golden Years Vintage massive Pinterest board – Made in Australia and my Board (Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog) - Made in Britain, if you would like to see what we found. You also might be interested in this Made in Britain board featuring lingerie.

Or why not try creating your own Made Locally Ethical Fashion Board on Pinterest. You might be surprised at what you discover.

If you are a blogger and love ethical fashion, why not join us at Ethical Fashion Bloggers and share some of your inspiration in next months Pinterest contest!

With warmest wishes

Ceri x

Image credit


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